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The team at Barker’s Professional has a clear focus on delivering food solutions and product concepts underpinned by leading technology, consistent quality, uncompromising service and the strategic and operational flexibility to meet the demands of an ever-changing and dynamic market place.

You want solutions
At Barker’s Professional, innovation and flexibility are key. Research and development play a major role, which is why we are committed to the ongoing development of our knowledge base and our capability for product and process development and applications testing. More than 300 of our product lines have been developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of customers – and we deliver to schedule and budget. This is why we have become the industry leader in many categories. If you are looking for solutions, please talk to us. 

We respond to the challenge  
As a result of fulfilling customers’ demands over the decades, Barker’s Professional's extensive product capability now includes low, medium and high moisture snack and bakery fillings, yoghurt and ice cream preparations, retail and foodservice jams, spreads, chutneys, condiments, sauces, jellies, toppings, compotes, smoothie bases and juice drinks. This comprehensive range makes Barker’s Professional the leading Australasian manufacturer of fruit, vegetable and related bakery fillings and toppings, and we are now the preferred supplier to many of Australasia’s top food producers.

Deep roots hold fast
Six generations of the Barker family have lived in South Canterbury. Company founders Gillian and Anthony Barker found that their farming background proved invaluable in selecting the fruit varieties for customer-specific applications.

Since 1969, the talents of the founders and their successors have established and developed a thriving fruit processing industry that is now taking on the world in their chosen markets.

Still located on the original Geraldine site and still family owned, Barker’s Professional continues to offer quality, innovation and excellence to its business partners in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Basin. An independent Board of Directors provides the strong governance and strategic oversight necessary for vigorous and healthy growth.

The values of those South Canterbury pioneers built Barker’s Professional from a simple cottage industry into today’s large enterprise and they are the values that we still nurture today – honest hard work and a belief in people.

Passion and commitment
Through the years, we have developed and nurtured a culture of passion and commitment in what we do and that has fostered strong staff loyalty. Our clients have proved equally loyal to the qualities that have gained Barker’s Professional a hard-earned respect both locally and internationally.

The Barker’s Professional Team.