Who are our Brewers?

To set our premium syrups apart, Barker’s incorporated brewing into the process for two variants –  brewed Ginger Beer and brewed Apple & Elderflower. Who are the duo – the Barker’s brewers – who managed to use traditional methods for these modern syrups?

There is no such thing as a typical day for Kim Bulling and Phillip Ward-Smith at Barker’s. The passionate “brewing” duo on one hand are pioneering but at the same time reigniting an old tradition. Back in the 1990’s the late founder of Barker’s, Anthony Barker, was all too familiar with the process of brewing and distilling. Fruit wines and aperitifs were his passion with many including the famous blackcurrant cassis taking out top honours winning awards in what was a boutique industry back then. So tradition runs deep within the Barker’s business.

Kim’s knowledge and experience in ‘extraction’ working at Crop & Food Research and Phillip’s learnt knowledge from being at Barker’s for over 20 years has seen them replicate some of the traditional methods of ‘steeping’ ginger and ‘infusing’ apples to ignite fermentation. Scaling up ‘home brews’ has been challenging, but fun, for the duo as they ‘watch the weather’ to establish brew times but the results speak for themselves. Rich, luscious true to flavour brews which are producing delicious premium crafted syrups which will allure and inspire all users and consumers. Anthony will be looking down, smiling, and fondly watching what this team is achieving. Now it’s up to the industry professionals to take our crafted syrups and create magic – such exciting times.

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