Smooth moves

Smoothies continue to be a popular beverage item as an on-the-go breakfast, nutritious snack or thirst quencher.

Smoothies are a growing category

Smoothies are a growing category with fruit based smoothies at 3.6% growth*  and dairy based smoothies 7.6% growth* 
*Datamonitor:Asia Pacific Growth Rate $value % CAGR (2013-2018) 

Having smoothies on the menu gives you an opportunity to broaden your food offering! 

The smoothie market in New Zealand is in rapid growth:

  • Smoothies can be a ‘round the clock’ beverage offering – smoothies can be used as a snack!
  • Smoothies can be used as a breakfast alternative – a ‘quick, effective, on-the-go’ dairy food solution
  • Smoothies offer a high margin sales opportunity; fast, efficient, tasty and profitable


Top Tips

  • Add more or less milk, juice, water, ice or yoghurt to your smoothie or frappe, according to your own taste and preference
  • Any of the drinks can be frozen to be eaten as a delicious frozen ice
  • Try adding some of the extra ingredients below to give your smoothie an even greater health boost: grains (rolled oats), kale, wheatgrass, whey protein, honey, cayenne or turmeric

Smoothie Bases

Barker’s Professional offers a variety of fruit and vegetable smoothie bases, including carrot, orange & ginger; mango; and beetroot, pear & blackcurrant – view the full range.

Dilution rates:

  • Fruit base smoothies – recommend 30ml with 200ml milk/equivalent.
  • Vegetable base smoothies – recommend 60ml with 200ml water/milk/equivalent.
  • If a stronger flavour is preferred please add more smoothie base.

* Please note that these are only a guide – please increase or decrease the smoothie base to achieve your desired flavour profile.

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