Sticky Beef Short Ribs


1 sheet boneless beef short ribs
350ml beef stock
150ml Barker’s Professional Fiery Wing Glaze
quantity water-soaked bamboo skewers or metal skewers
extra Barker’s Professional Fiery Wing Glaze
1 cup puffed amaranth


In a frypan, add a little oil and brown the beef short rib on both sides.

Place the short rib into a vacuum pac bag with the beef stock and the Barker’s Professional Fiery Wing Glaze.  Heat seal closed and either sous vide at 75 degrees for 24 hours or steam for 5 hours.

Cut the bags in a colander suspended over a bowl to catch the juice.  Keep the juice for the next batch.

Lay the short rib on a paper-lined tray with another sheet of paper over the top, then another baking sheet with weights.  Press in the cool-room overnight.

Remove weights, trays and paper. Cut the rib into small rectangular blocks.

Punch a skewer in one end, heat the rib in the oven.

Roll the rib through extra Barker’s Professional Fiery Wing Gaze then through puff amaranth.


Yields 16

Sticky Beef Short Ribs

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