Smoked Kumara Mash


2 cups sawdust or fine woodchips
3 large orange kumara
2 cups cream
4 Tbsp Barker’s Professional Miso & Honey Marinade


Line a thick bottomed saucepan or smoker with tin foil, scatter around the woodchips, insert a raised cooling rack, turn on the heat to create a smoke.

Place a bowl or small saucepan of cream in top of the rack, cover with a lid and weight it down.  Smoke on a medium heat for 10 minutes. (If the heat is too hot, the cream will curdle).

Meanwhile either bake and peel the kumara or steam cubes of kumara until soft. Push through a mouli or a drum sieve to get a smooth mash. Place this into a mixing bowl.

Whisk in the cream and then the Barker’s Professional Miso & Honey Marinade until the mash is soft and smokey.

Serves 10

Smoked Kumara Mash

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