Scallop Teriyaki Canape


6 squares non-stick paper
3 Tbsp Barker’s Professional Japanese Teriyaki Sauce
12  scallops, trimmed and pat dried
4  peeled cucumber rings, chilled
4 sprigs dill fronds
4 tsp furikake seasoning
quantity toasted sesame seeds


Place three non-stick paper squares in a flat bottomed frypan.

Spoon a tablespoon of Barker’s Professional Japanese Teriyaki Sauce on each sheet.

Place four scallops on each square then cover with the remaining squares of paper.

Turn on the heat, place a weight or push down with a fish slice to keep the scallops flat against the glaze and caramelise.

Remove the paper, seal the other side of the scallop briefly in the pan.

Spoon the scallop, glaze side up, onto the cucumber ring already topped with a little dill frond.

Dab a little more of Barker’s Professional Japanese Teriyaki Sauce on the scallop and sprinkle over the furikake.

Yields 6

Scallop Teriyaki Canapé

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