Charleston Hanger Steak

Serves 20 portions


2 cups Barker’s Professional Brewer's BBQ Sauce
3kg hanger steak (trimmed, membrane removed and cut in half lengthways)
rosemary oil


In a mixing bowl, add the Barker’s Professional Brewer’s BBQ Sauce and steak.  Toss to coat then whack a meat hook through each piece.  Hang in the refrigerator overnight with a tray underneath to collect juices. Reserve the remaining sauce for basting.

To make the rosemary oil, strip 4 to 5 stems of rosemary, place the leaves into a liquidiser, add 1 cup of neutral flavoured oil and blitz until smooth.

Heat a grill until very hot then brush the grill with the rosemary oil.  Baste steak with the reserved sauce, watching for flare ups - move to cooler parts of the grill to control the cooking process.  Cook for 4 minutes on each side for medium rare.  Important this cut isn’t overcooked or it will be tough.

Rest for 10 minutes prior to slicing.

Charleston Hanger Steak

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