Scallop & Cherry Tomato Ceviche

Serves 4


4 cobs fresh corn in husk
100g Mainland Unsalted Butter
1 small shallot, finely diced
200ml cream
1 medium beauregard kumara, washed skin
flaky sea salt, to taste
12 United Fish Co. Atlantic Scallops, defrosted
150ml Barker’s Professional Ceviche Dressing
12 cherry tomatoes (yellow or mixed colour), cut in half
1 small Spanish/red onion, finely sliced
1 pomegranate, seeds removed and reserved for plating
20 pieces popcorn, ready popped
pinch chilli powder
fresh coriander


Corn Puree
Cook corn cobs in husk for 4 minutes on high in microwave. Allow to cool. Remove the husks and cut the corn kernels from the core of the cobs. Reserve the kernels from 1 of the cobs to garnish the final dish.

Place the butter and shallots in a small saucepan on medium-high heat and lightly cook until transparent, then add the corn kernels. Stir the corn, then cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the cream and bring to a simmer.

Stirring occasionally, allow to simmer and reduce the volume by half. Transfer to a blender and puree until smooth, then pass through a fine sieve and season. Transfer into a small piping bag or squirt bottle and allow to cool.

Sweet Potato Chips
Thinly slice the kumara on a vegetable slicer or mandolin to form chips. Pat dry with a towel.

Deep fry in small batches at 170°C until crispy. Remove from the oil and lay immediately on a paper towel to drain any excess oil, then season well with flaky salt.

Scallop & Cherry Tomato Ceviche
Slice the scallops in half (to create 2 rounds).

Place the scallops and the cherry tomatoes into a mixing bowl and dress with Barker’s Professional Ceviche Dressing. Allow to lightly marinate for 10 minutes.

The Final Dish
This dish can be a platter style or more formal plating as the occasion requires.

Lay the scallops on the bottom of the plate/platter and top with the cherry tomatoes and the dressing.

Evenly lay the red onion, the remaining corn kernels and the pomegranate seeds on top of the scallops.

Season the popcorn in a bowl with flaky salt and a pinch of chilli powder, according to taste.

Evenly pipe the corn puree onto the scallops. Finish the dish by topping the dish with the coriander and the popcorn.

The sweet potato chips can be served to the side and used to layer the ceviche ingredients on to.

Recipe kindly provided by United Food Co.

Scallop ceviche

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