Prawn & Scallop Poke Bowl

Serves 4 portions


12 banana prawns, steamed and peeled
24 scallops, roe removed and seared
200ml Barker’s Professional Ceviche Dressing
1 lime, juiced
150ml thick coconut cream
2 cups Forbidden Foods Black Rice, cooked
2 avocados, flesh sliced
¼ piece red cabbage, finely sliced
10g toasted sesame seeds
½ telegraph cucumber, peeled and sliced
20 asparagus, steamed
40g pickled ginger
28 toasted seaweed crisps
handful fresh coriander sprigs


Place the prawns and scallops in a mixing bowl.

Pour over the Barker’s Professional Ceviche Dressing, lime juice and coconut cream to cure the seafood for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Fold some of the cured seafood into the warm, black rice.

In a presentation bowl, spoon the black rice in a mound.

Add the avocado, cabbage mixed with sesame seeds, cucumber, asparagus, ginger, seaweed crisps and coriander.

Pour over any seafood cure that is left and serve.

Prawn poke bowl

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