Steak with Tangy Gravy

Serves 10


10 Scotch fillet steaks
500ml thin dark gravy
250ml Barker's Professional Farmstyle Plum & Tamarillo Chutney
Prepared coleslaw
Salad dressing
Barker's Professional Mango & Peach Chutney


Cook the Scotch fillet steaks on a hot char grill for approximately 5 minutes each side.

Heat the gravy and add the Barker's Professional Farmstyle Plum & Tamarillo Chutney.

Place prepared coleslaw in a bowl.

Mix the salad dressing with the Barkers Professional Mango & Peach Chutney.

Serve a steak with coleslaw and drizzle with the tangy gravy.

Hint: Marinate steaks in a mixture of 1 part red wine, 1 part water and 1 part Barker's Professional Farmstyle Plum & Tamarillo Chutney.

Steak with Tangy Gravy

Steak with Tangy Gravy

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