Beef, Chilli & Red Onion Gourmet Pie

Makes approximately 18 pies (using 120 grams of filling per pie)


500g beef – diced, season with ground black pepper and salt
1 onion (chopped)
800ml beef stock (use good concentration of flavours)
50g butter
140g  pie thickener
200ml water
150g diced red capsicum
If required, season to taste with ground black pepper and salt
200g Barker’s Professional Chilli & Red Onion Savoury Filling (added on top of base beef filling in individual pies or mixed through base pie filling)


Place diced beef with seasoning, olive oil, onion and water in roasting dish.

Cover with foil and braise in hot oven.  Do not overcook!

Prepare and cook stock.  Add butter and thicken.

Add beef, vegetables and other ingredients.

Add Barker’s Professional Chilli & Red Onion Savoury Filling and season if required.

Line a pie tin using pie base pastry (short crust) and fill with the gourmet filling.

Top with flaky pastry.  Rest and then bake at 200°C to 220°C for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Glaze as necessary.

Beef chilli red onion pie

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