Raspberry Lamington

YIELD: 12 Lamingtons


150g plain flour
330g eggs
220g caster sugar

Whisk the eggs and sugar over double boiler to warm to 23°C.

Put the mixture onto the machine and whisk on high speed until a thick stable foam is achieved (Sabayon).

Sieve the dry ingredients; fold into egg sabayon lightly until just incorporated.

Deposit the mixture into the prepared sponge tin.

Bake at 190°C for approximately 10 minutes.


Barker’s Professional Raspberry Patisserie Filling


550g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
15g powdered gelatine
80g caster sugar

Hydrate the gelatine in cold water.

Bring the raspberries and sugar to the boil and remove from the heat and dissolve the gelatine into it.

Sieve the jelly to remove all of the seeds.

Freeze the sponge to help with handling.

Dip the sponge into the warm raspberry jelly and then roll in desiccated coconut to coat the outside.

Cut the lamingtons and fill with Barker’s Professional Raspberry Patisserie Filling and then dust with freeze dried raspberries.


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