Blackcurrant & Cranberry Mousse with Crispy Belgium

YIELD: 12 Mousse


240g Barker’s Professional Blackcurrant & Cranberry Patisserie Filling
70g caster sugar
40g water
50g egg white
10g gelatine powder
20g water
180g coconut yoghurt

Hydrate the gelatine in 20g of cold water.

Heat the Barker’s Professional Blackcurrant & Cranberry Patisserie Filling and dissolve the hydrated gelatine into it.

Make an Italian meringue from the whites, sugar and 40g of water and add the filling mixture gradually while whisking on medium speed - continue to whisk on high speed until the mixture has cooled down to
approximately 20°C.

Fold in the coconut yoghurt and pipe into prepared moulds.


200g plain flour
4g ground cinnamon
3g mixed spice
3g ground ginger
25g cornflour
125g butter
75g brown sugar
1 egg  

Blend soften butter and sugar together.

Add the egg and combine into the butter mixture and then add the dry ingredients and mix to a smooth dough.

Roll to 3mm thickness and cut to desired size and bake 180°C for 8-10 minutes.

Blackcurrant & Cranberry Mousse with crispy belgium

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