Salted Caramel Rum Mousse with Banana Bread and Coconut Creme

YIELD: 12 portions


14g powdered gelatine
40g cold water
350g Barker’s Professional Salted Caramel Classic Crème
45g dark rum
450g cream (whisked to soft peaks)

Hydrate the gelatine with the cold water.

Warm the rum and dissolve the gelatine into this.

Gently warm the Barker’s Professional Salted Caramel Classic Crème in the microwave and whisk the rum mixture into the caramel and then fold in the whipped cream.


336g banana
6g vanilla essence
336g caster sugar
90g canola oil
215g plain yoghurt
150g egg
1g salt
330g flour, plain
14g baking soda

Beat bananas, sugar and vanilla until smooth with the whisk attachment.

Add the oil, eggs and yoghurt gradually until combined.

Mix through the sieved dry ingredients.

Pour into lined greased tin.

Bake at 170°C for approximately 45 minutes.

Once the banana bread is baked allow it to cool before preparing the mousse.

Prepare the mousse and spread onto the banana bread.

Place the mousse into the freezer until frozen (this will help with cutting and portioning).

Cut into portions and decorate as desired.

Salted caramel Rum Mousse with Banana Bread & coconut Creme

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