Berries and stone fruits are just some of summer's greatest pleasures, packed with antioxidants and full of that delightful sun-ripened flavour.  From the beautiful sweetness of strawberries, peaches and mangoes to the astounding sweetness-and-sharpness of rhubarb, raspberries and passionfruit - oh, how delicious!  Their familiar appearance at breakfast with porridge, muesli and yoghurt to simple desserts used as an accompaniment, these delicious fruits as compotes are available to you all year around.

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Apricot, Honey & Sunflower Seeds 1 kg 77215   Read more
Black Cherry, Pear & Vanilla 1 kg 77105   Read more
Blueberry & Cranberry with Chia Seeds 1 kg 77400   Read more
Boysenberry & Blackcurrant with Apple 1 kg 77074   Read more
Peach, Mango & Passionfruit 1 kg 77072   Read more
Rhubarb and Redberry 1 kg 77073   Read more
Strawberry & Pomegranate with Quinoa 1 kg 77401   Read more