Black Cherry & Raisin Relish

Beautiful with oatmeal crackers and deliciously smooth brie, this delectable relish is a must on any platter or as an accompaniment to a frittata or pie.

Gluten free.
Product Code: 76811


76811 Black Cherry & Raisin Relish 1kg

  • Servings per 1kg Pouch: 100
  • Serving size: 10g
  • INGREDIENTS: Cherry 30%, Water, Raisin 14%, Sugar (brown), Vinegar (cider), Thickener (1442), Molasses, Garlic, Sea salt, Ginger, Mustard seed, Chilli, Preservative (202)
Avg. Quantity Per 100g Per Serving
Energy 570kJ 57kJ
Protein 0.9g 0.1g
Gluten 0mg 0mg
Fat 0.3g 0.0g
Saturated Fat 0.1g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 31.4g 3.1g
Sugars 28.0g 2.8g
Sodium 327mg 33mg

LC: 4290