Foodservice – The Finishing Touches

Barker's Professional have become the experts at hitting upon flavour combinations and variants.

They seem to strike a chord with not only customers who are looking for that traditional "comfort food" familiarity, but also those looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary in the way of taste sensations. A key factor for the success of our range has been the time and effort the Barker's team of food technologists and consultant chefs have put in at the development stage. This team are not only creative, they are also real food lovers!

The range they have created can add a new level to existing recipes and meals, without overpowering the food with unnecessary flavours. The common ingredient in each recipe is the ability to make you want to take the next bite.

As a result of our dedication to finding perfect flavour combinations, the products cover a very wide range of tastes and have an unlimited scope of applications. High fruit and vegetable content, fantastic appearance, superb flavours... give your food a lift with the Barker's Professional range.



We are also proud to have in our portfolio the Anathoth Farm range of Food Service products.

We also have in our portfolio Bonne Maman products, click here.