Best Buy – The Story

The 'BEST BUY' brand has been developed by the team at Barker's in response to a market need for products that are more affordable but still produce high quality results.

These products have been carefully crafted for customers that enjoy the current Barker's Professional range but are unable to fit the current premium products into their budgets.

The 'BEST BUY" products are still manufactured by Barker's and meet our quality criteria.  Lower prices are made possible by optimising recipes with the most cost-effective ingredients whilst still producing good quality, full flavour products.

Our aim is to make our products readily available to everyone within the foodservice industry regardless of their budget requirements.

  • Lower price point
  • Full flavour
  • Good quality product
  • Manufactured by Barker's right here in New Zealand

Packaging: 10kg or 11kg bag-in-box.  Tomato Relish 2.2kg pail