Pumpkin, Carrot & Turmeric Breadshot Filling

A concentrated savoury preparation designed for addition to doughs to add soft textural "bits" and flavour excitement to breads, buns, dinner rolls, baguettes, scones, muffins, pizza dough etc.

Gluten free. Vegan friendly.
Product Code: 75800


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75800 Pumpkin Carrot & Turmeric Breadshot Filling 1.25kg

  • INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin 44% (diced, puree), Carrot 26%, Water, Sugar, Thickener (1442), Lemon juice, Sea salt, Turmeric 1%, Acidity regulator (330, 296), Colour (100), Preservative (202)
Avg. Quantity Per 100g
Energy 300kJ
Protein 1.2g
Gluten 0mg
Fat 0.3g
Saturated Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrate 14.0g
Sugars 10.7g
Sodium 622mg

LC: 4576