Bakery – Fillings & Toppings

Utilising the finest quality ingredients and modern manufacturing processes, Barker’s have positioned themselves as the leading manufacturer of bakery jams and fillings in Australasia. Since 1969, our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability.

Barker’s offers an extensive range of sweet and savoury fillings and toppings for all baking and dessert applications.

Baking applications can be diverse and demanding. Each of our product ranges are developed with specific functionality, featuring an exciting and contemporary range of flavours, both sweet and savoury.

For example; “Patisserie Fillings” offer premium quality fruit, but if you need cost economy select “Fruit Fillings”. For a deeper layer of stable fruit select “Slice Filling”. For smooth crème filled cakes and pastries select “Patisserie Crème”, but choose “Classic Crème” for greater bake stability in scrolls, muffins and slice.

To select the right product for your application we welcome your enquiry.

All Barker’s Professional jams and fillings are bake and freeze thaw stable and are available via nominated distributors throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Packaging: 4, 10, 15 litre pail, and 1.25kg piping bag.