Pastes and Rubs

Back in vogue!  If you want to turn good into great, it’s time to master the art of ‘pastes and wet rubs’ and open the door to delicious flavours.

At Barker’s Professional we have done just that for you, with an amazing bold, international range to inspire and excite you. Our wet rubs and pastes are versatile, they can be used for grilling, as a base for curries, butter or aioli.

Their limit is your imagination. They come in a 1kg spouted pouch so very easy to use in the kitchen.

Barker's Professional - Pastes & Rubs

Wet Rub vs Paste

The wet rub realises its full potential when applied generously and cooked in slowly.  Slow cooking is the ideal method for flavouring meat or vegetables all the way through.  Ribs, pork chops and chicken beg for a wet rub; they draw moisture in from the rub while grilling the outside.

A paste on the other hand can be stirred through hot food, spread on breads or added to roast vegetables, even as marinades in advance of cooking. See our delicious recipes for some great ideas.

We combined regional spices and herbs to develop our range. For a touch of Middle Eastern warmth then your first choice will of course be Barker’s Professional Harissa Paste. That chilli hit will add a myriad of flavour and delight customers!    Or maybe you want Indian inspired?  Our Tandoori Paste fits this bill, rich with tomato and tamarind it infuses Indian flavours into sauces, dips, and meats.  Divine.

Flavour Variants & Recipe Inspiration

To be back in vogue start rubbing and pasting! Barker’s Professional Pastes are available in the following flavours:


It’s a crowd favourite butter chicken, so mix this lovely authentic Indian paste with yoghurt, mix through chicken and slow cook to deliver a juicy, tender and flavoursome butter chicken curry.  Ideal also mixed through yoghurt before oven baking, grilling or BBQ basting chicken or other white meat including fish. 

Murgh Makhani


Chermoula is the North African answer to pesto.  It can be served as a dressing, sauce or dip.  It is traditionally paired with grilled fish and seafood, but wonderful mixed through roast vegetables like potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, and takes roast cauliflower to new heights.  Ideal also with chicken.  It can be used as a marinade, as a crusting paste, added to a mayonnaise or in pita pockets, brushed onto fish or chicken kebabs and perfect for enlivening a fish based soup.

North African Kingfish Steaks


Add a touch of Middle Eastern warmth and spice to your dishes with our fabulous Harissa paste.  Stir through cooked couscous, spread on flatbreads and add to roasted vegetables, feta cheese and egg dishes, or use it as a very tasty marinade/rub for lamb.  Enhance sauces and dressings, use as a dip for kofta, as a basting sauce for protein being grilled or roasted, whip into a butter for bread, fantastic with pulled pork burgers or sliders, try added to beef or venison patties or use to lift flavours in slow cooking or sous vide (in a bag).

Baghdad Eggs


Add a touch of Indian-inspired flavour with this versatile pantry staple.  Mix with yoghurt to marinate chicken or other meats before chargrilling, or mix through chunky vegetables before stir-frying for a tasty vegetarian option.  Great spread over pizza base, or mixed through a dip or mayonnaise for that special Indian infused flavour profile for salad or sandwiches.

Tandoori Eggplant


Add South-East Asian-inspired flavours to your cooking with this brilliant, versatile Thai Chilli paste.  Use it to marinate chicken, duck, pork or prawns.  It works really well as a stir fry paste (just add vegetables, noodles and any protein you like).  It even goes with prawn wontons or spring rolls.  Just add a bit of soy sauce and use as a dip – perfect for dim sum/steamed buns.  Use as a relish for roast duck and chicken, as a coating for pressed pork belly or rice noodles, whisk into a soy caramel or use as an Asian style ketchup for meatballs.  Delicious!

Chilli Roast Chicken Sliders

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