100% New Zealand Grown Tea

Barker’s Professional Fruit Tea Syrups use brewed Zealong organic aromatic oolong tea, which is grown in New Zealand. 

Zealong tea

Zealong Tea Estate is nestled in the rolling hills of Waikato, where one man, founder Vincent Chen realised his dream and imported selected tea cuttings from Asia. Through careful propagation and a wealth of knowledge he has gone on to produce 1 million plants over 40 hectares, ensuring his tea is enjoyed the world over.

High standards

Today, at the hand of passionate tea masters, Zealong create the world’s purest premium organic tea from freshly picked delicate leaves that excel in aroma and taste. Zealong consistently maintains high standards, never compromising on taste or quality. Organically certified Zealong produce teas to international food safety standards, free of chemical sprays and use only organic fertilisers.

For Zealong Organic Aromatic oolong tea used in our fruit tea, leaves are briefly roasted at high temperatures, producing a clear aroma and taste, with a hint of fruit and flowers. From the delicate colour and aroma, to the pleasant tang on the palate and sweet aftertaste, this is tea at its finest.


By definition, an infusion is a drink made by placing a flavouring ingredient, in our case the beautiful delicate Oolong tea from New Zealand’s only tea plantation – Zealong, into a liquid (such as hot water). Infusions are the most popular method of preparing delicious aromatic teas. 

Our Oolong tea preparation is also called brewing and involves pouring hot water over the Oolong leaves, ensuring we have got the temperature just right to maximize the taste, and draw out the aromatic notes of the leaves that are more floral. We leave the tea overnight to steep as we have found that is the optimum time to get the right balance of flavour. The tea leaves are then strained through a milliscreen, ensuring the finer particles are removed. We then infuse the tea into our fruit and botanicals which have been carefully selected with complementary flavours. 

This leaves a refreshing brewed Fruit Tea Syrup ready to drink hot, or cold, you can simply pour over ice, adding soda for a great addition to your menu!

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