Excite, Inspire, Allure!

That is what we will do with our new range of Beverage products launched this week on the market.


Yes there is plenty happening in the beverage market but Barker’s Professional know and understand ‘fruit’ well. We are well known and trusted ‘back-of-house’ and were encouraged to bring it ‘front-of-house’ so to offer greater value when calling on our customers. Having been on the market only one week we have plenty of people in the industry saying ‘about time’ , ‘we are excited you are bringing your knowledge and expertise front-of-house’ and ‘we love your brand and products so can’t wait to trial your new beverage products’. Encouraging and humbling feedback and we are up for the challenge.

Behind the scenes

A team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the last 3 years bringing a dream to reality. We needed to develop a proprietary bottle that would look more elegant than the off the shelf bottle we had, craft over 20 products new products to ensure they met our high flavour and fruit aspiration while also inspiring people, watch trends to ensure our range was relevant to consumers, design a label look which reinforced some fun, freshness and vibrancy, ensure our key partners were taking along with us to ensure their support on launch and prepare our own team and train them beverage. The help and support of Cheryl Stokes Mixologist and Senior Academic Staff Member at Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch was fantastic. Cheryl provided valuable advice and evaluated many of the recipes as they were developed and tweaked along the way.

Experience the full range

New ages Shakes, trending Coffee Syrups, luscious Toppings and high fruit & vegetable Smoothie Bases are the range packed in 1l PET bottles which have dispensing pumps available for ease and convenience when it comes to portion control.

This range is backed up by Premium Crafted Syrups, artisan Fruit Tea Syrups and Drinking Vinegar Syrups (or Shrubs) all packed in 500ml glass and which also have dispensing pumps available.

For more information or samples of our delicious new range please contact the team in your area or email: fruit@barkers.co.nz

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