Coffee…with a shot!

For customers wanting that ‘flavour shot’ in their coffee or hot milk, Barker’s Professional have developed a range of popular coffee syrups along with some new trending flavours.

Our coffee syrups . . .

  • are easy to use and store
  • come in five great flavours
  • ensure product consistency
  • contain only natural colours and flavours
  • help manage portion and cost

Flavours include:

What is Chai?

The word “Chai” simply means “tea” in India (Hindi), which was derived from “cha,” which is the Chinese word for “tea.” More precisely “Milk Tea” is the usual way of drinking the cup with Chai Latte being the common description. 

Whilst ingrained Western milk drinkers follow a rather traditional habit, there are those who have newly discovered the spicy milk teas from India. This ancient beverage is treasured by people around the world for its delicious flavor and today it can be modified in whatever way best suits the drinker. For example, it is not uncommon to see someone order a chai tea with soy milk, while the next person orders a non-fat version.

This perhaps reinforces the versatility and experimentation happening in the beverage world currently. Have fun creating.

What is Turmeric?



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