Australian Pizza Championships 2017

‘BEST’ Chooses Only the Best Ingredients!

Australian Simon Best, restaurateur from Augellos Restaurante and Pizzeria, Mooloolaba, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, was recently named overall winner of the Dairymont Australian Pizza Championship 2017 held in Melbourne for the third year in a row.

The competition is designed to promote a passion for pizza making with pizazz and to introduce a whole new spectrum of innovative pizzas to the pizza-loving world. Barker’s Professional was the Official Sauce Sponsor.

Passionate about Quality

Simon Best

Simon Best

Simon is passionate about quality ingredients for his pizzas; it must be the Italian blood in him.

“I work with our eight chefs to come up with award winning pizzas for the competition. It makes a difference when you have great sponsor ingredients as a base and we can then craft the flavours that complement and give a taste sensation on every bite”.

This year Simon’s award-winning pizza used Barker’s Professional products as his heroes. His dough was infused with Barker’s Professional Red Pepper and Roast Garlic Breadshot.

“The base has always been the unsung hero of a pizza and for years I have been using Barker’s Professional Breadshots to give my pizzas the edge – they are versatile and delicious”.

Topping It

The toppings included Barker’s Professional Green Tomato and Jalapeno Chutney which is laced with chilli, grated Dairymont Mozzarella and Primo Pulled Pork. To give it an extra level of taste Simon added black beans, grilled pineapple, wombok slaw and Barker’s Professional Mexican Chipotle Sauce blended through aioli to give that hot and spicy note and Primo Pancetta.

Simon says, “I am not afraid to experiment and believe me it doesn’t always work, but keep playing and you can create some amazing flavour explosions.”

The judges are so right. Simon does think outside the box by looking at popular flavours and food trends and then puts them on a pizza. Mr Austin who judged this year says, “He ticked all the boxes with innovation, creativity, flavour, colour and WOW factor”.

Winning PizzaAugellos showcases the winning pizzas on their restaurant menu. “The 2017 award-winning pizza creates a lot of customers interest and I would say we sell one per table every day! We ensure we offer quality and consistency so the pizza tastes just as fresh as the winning one”.

The award-winning pizza includes Barker’s Professional Red Pepper & Roast Garlic Breadshot, Green Tomato & Jalapeno Chutney and Mexican Chipotle Sauce.

Barker’s Professional offers a range of sauces, chutneys and relishes for you to experiment with too. For more information in New Zealand – please contact your local representative or phone Jo on 0800 227 537.

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