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It was a busy April, launching seven new products – three Coffee Syrups, three Premium Crafted Syrups and a Chutney.

Matcha Coffee

New Coffee Syrups

We have expanded our range of coffee syrups with three new variants. Cold Brew is an ideal base for an iced coffee and very on-trend. With a growing interest in health and wellness, we saw a need for alternative latte options so have launched Matcha Green Tea with Honey and Beetroot, Blackcurrant & Honeydew.
These new variants bring versatility and a point of difference to your coffee menu. 


New Premium Crafted Syrups

We have also added three more premium crafted syrup varieties. Leading into winter, we wanted syrups that would be perfect mixed with hot water (or something stronger) for a winter warmer so have introduced Spiced Berry and Lemon & Honey with Spice. We have also included a crowd-pleaser –  Old Fashioned Lemonade with bits of lemon.

New Chutney

New Chutney

For something a bit different, try our new chutney – Louisiana ‘Po Boy’ Vegetable Pickle. Pair this delicious pickle with southern fried chicken in a French stick for a Louisiana classic. Add to a frittata or quiche to boost flavour. Try pairing with grilled fish or pastrami for an exciting sandwich combination.

Our Caramelised Onion Relish has been revamped and now contains 78% onion. A great partner for a burger or steak.

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