A message from Nicky – Nov ’17

Wow 2017 has flown by at speed and at the same time the team at Barker’s Professional have brought much excitement and inspiration to market via new products and solution selling initiatives.

Tourism (visitor numbers) continues to flourish in New Zealand bringing important revenue to the foodservice sector and with plenty of competition for their dollar, pressure is on to deliver a great experience.

We know people must eat, however with customers becoming more discerning about their food choice to win the food dollar your menu need to sizzle, allure and excite – and that can be challenging.

Our offering has been designed to complement your business model. We know you are all passionate people who see good food at the ‘heart’ of your business success, however sometimes finding skilled labour can be challenging so this is where we can help. Our products can be used as they are or they can be a base for something more elaborate, either way your business needs a reputable and trusted brand, that aligns with your objective to produce memorable food. Our packaging, product range and people give you and your team confidence to achieve this… and what is more we care about your business success and love nothing more than to share in your success.

As we continue to bring wonderful products to the market to help deliver great ‘sharing’ concepts we have also undertaken one of our most exciting launches… BEVERAGE.

Our summer newsletter is full of beautiful pictures, flavoursome syrups, inspiring recipes all available to help you at the customer facing edge to win over loyal customers and visiting tourists. We have such a beautiful country with picturesque scenery, beautiful people so what better way to make a trip or visit more memorable than serving fantastic food and drinks.

Gingerbread shake

Products like our popcorn shake syrup, turmeric syrup, feijoa fruit tea syrup and rhubarb & redcurrant drinking vinegar syrup are rolling out the door and I can see why.. they bring something new and exciting to market. So if you haven’t as yet tried some of our products – popcorn syrup in a shake or our brewed apple and elderflower syrup with bubbles or sparkling water – now is the time. Call 0800 227 537 for free samples as I believe we may be in for a warm summer where drinks will be top of mind.

2018 will be the year of social media for foodservice so keep an eye out as we gear up to bring you ‘instant’ ideas to support your menu offering. We will be even more excited for you to share with us how you are using our products so we can help support and promote your business and share the wider community inspiration. Our fortnightly eflashes are also receiving positive feedback.

Nicky DonkersFrom myself and the team at Barker’s Professional thank you for your continuing support and loyalty. We would like to wish you, your team and wider family a merry Christmas and happy new year coupled with a successful trading period.

Warm regards

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